Root Canal Consultations

Root Canal Consultations

dentist Fairfield, OH
A Quick & Painless Process

If you feel constant and severe pain and pressure in your mouth, or noticeable swelling and extreme sensitivity in your gums, then you may need an evaluation and treatment as soon as possible. A root canal consultation is often necessary when infection or inflammation develops in the pulp tissue of the tooth. Sometimes teeth can be diseased or damaged and cannot be saved, even with a root canal procedure. In these cases, it may be time for an extraction coupled with an implant.


dentist Fairfield, OH


Dental implants offer an alternative to root canal treatments, allowing patients to replace their damaged teeth altogether with a simple extraction of their original tooth and placement of a dental implant.

Dental implants last for decades and often long outlive the lifespan of a root canal and crown. Dental implants look and function like natural teeth and may the perfect solution. During your consultation, the doctor will go over your options and determine the right path for you.





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    Great place to visit for affordable dentures. Makes the process as painless as possible. Able to get patients in quickly for adjustments and maintenance.

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    Looking for a great place for dentures, this is the place. Very little pain and great out come. Good care all around.

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